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And, because it's the holidays, Mike and I exchange a few martial arts-related presents. Thank you Fu followers around the world for all your support in - we wish you a very merry kung fu Christmas and a happy new year! When Bruce Lee died 45 years ago at the age of 32, his death was shrouded in mystery.

To this day, theories still abound as to the circumstances surrounding his passing and the events leading up to it. His book, 'Bruce Lee: A Life', is out now. This is the last in the current season of podcasts. Buffy's stunt double and former Power Ranger, Sophia Crawford, earned her spurs as a stunt performer working in Hong Kong's raw and relentless action movie industry in the early s. She found herself part of an era of exceptional, female-fronted martial arts films, working with the likes of Moon Lee, Sibelle Hui and Yukari Oshima, performing all of her own stunts in conditions that were sometimes less than perfect.

It was in Hong Kong where she discovered her love for the martial arts, acting and stunt performing, following her troubled years as a teenager growing up in London as a directionless, rebellious punk rocker, expelled from five schools and eager for adventure. Now she has accepted a new challenge away from the movie business, having moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband - the stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt - to run her own business, a coffee shop called The Federal Coffee House.

In this conversation, we discuss her approach to stunt performance, the challenges of working in an unfamiliar country, and her time on two of the biggest martial arts TV shows of all time: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When Jean-Paul Ly moved from Cambodia to London to make it in the movie business, he predicted that within three years, he would be the lead in a martial arts action film. Find out more about Jean-Paul Ly by visiting his website, lyjeanpaul.

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Johnson is right to feel proud of what they have accomplished in a reasonably short space of time. Jesse and Scott continue to produce exceptionally accomplished martial arts action features in an increasingly unsettled world for low-budget filmmaking. Born in the UK — the nephew of stunt legend Vic Armstrong — Jesse used his earnings as a teenage stunt performer for the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, Total Recall, to relocate to Hollywood, where he balanced stunt work on major studio pictures with directing and writing his own feature films.

We also spend time discussing his all-star action extravaganza, Triple Threat. For the latest information on Jesse V.

Johnson, follow him on Facebook and Instagram. Today is a Vengeance movie special.

The New York Experience

The film tells the story of ex-serviceman turned mercenary, John Gold, and his quest for revenge following the death of his former army buddy. The UK-made action film is the brainchild of writer and director Ross Boyask and producer John Adams, who both work at Evolutionary Films, an independent production house and distributor which specialises in genre films. On this Vengeance movie special, we discuss the challenges of running a film company in the digital age, and learn more about the making of the movie, and their plans to turn the John Gold story into a franchise.

The Scottish actor and filmmaker discusses his life and career, from directing his own short films to appearing opposite Gerard Butler in London Has Fallen , and working in Hong Kong with Donnie Yen and Andy Lau in the gangster thriller, Chasing the Dragon Although Bob Wall had no desire to become a film star, he somehow ended up appearing in some of the highest grossing martial arts films of all time.

In this candid interview, Bob Wall — now aged 78 and speaking to me from his home in California — recalls a young and charismatic Bruce Lee who ruffled feathers amongst the martial arts community and revolutionised the action film genre. He is still active on the martial arts scene as the founder of World Black Belt, and through his many appearances at seminars around the world. For the latest Bob Wall information, head to bobwallworldblackbelt. Also on the show, I talk to the action film expert and writer Timon Singh, who drops by to talk about his new book, 'Born to Be Bad — Talking to the Greatest Villains in Action Cinema', which features interviews with some of the best big screen baddies, including Bob Wall.

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The son of a famous Ghanaian fashion designer father and a UK mother, Joey grew up immersed in both British and African culture. In , shortly after this conversation was recorded at his London home, it was announced that eOne and the Mark Gordon Company had given the green light to a new Street Fighter TV show with Joey Ansah acting as one of its executive producers.

Keep up to date with all the latest Joey Ansah news by following him on Facebook and Instagram. Alain Moussi has enjoyed a rapid rise from stuntman to starring roles to leading his own martial arts movie franchise. As Kurt Sloane, he is the poster-boy at the heart of the rebooted Kickboxer franchise — a role made famous by his childhood hero, Jean-Claude Van Damme — which was launched in with the film Kickboxer: Vengeance.

The man behind the franchise is the producer and director, Dimitri Logothetis, and halfway through this chat with Alain, Dimitri unexpectedly joins the conversation to tell us more about the challenges of remaking such a beloved franchise, and his plans to bring back authenticity to martial arts movies in the age of computer-generated superheroes.

Alain is a chatty, engaging guest who is also a martial arts instructor based in Ottawa, Canada. We discuss his approach to teaching as well as his road to stardom, from doubling the likes of Channing Tatum, Hugh Jackman and Henry Cavill, to taking his first steps as a leading man.

Alain and Dimitri are also collaborating on more movies together, including a new sci-fi franchise called Jiu Jitsu, which we also get to discuss. We discuss everything from early inspirations to female fighters, the MeToo campaign and her excellent performance as the sword-wielding assassin Jane the Ripper in Accident Man.

Accident Man is co-written, produced by and stars the hardest working man in martial arts movies, Scott Adkins, and we were very fortune to be able to catch up with Scott ahead of the UK big-screen premiere of his dream project, which took place at the Fighting Spirit Film Festival in his home city of Birmingham in April In this short interview, we discuss the film and I also get to ask Scott some quick-fire questions. It is directed by Jesse V.

This show has it all! Having retired from the world of mixed martial arts, Cung Le is channelling the same grit and determination which made him a champion fighter into his career as an actor in Hollywood and Asia. Over the past decade, the former UFC fighter, Strikeforce Middleweight Champion and highly decorated martial artist has balanced his professional fighting career with appearances in some superb martial arts movies, including Fighting, The Man with the Iron Fists, Bodyguards and Assassins, The Grandmaster and True Legend.

And the movie roles keep rolling in; he will next be seen in Europe Raiders, the third in the Raiders trilogy, alongside Tony Leung and Kris Wu. The reason that has bonded these two lost individuals after the death of Bella is because they share a commonality as neglected individuals.

This is further supported by the Baron and Branscombe , where they noted similarity is an important basis for interpersonal attraction and forming a relationship. People tend to attract to similar people in many ways. This relationship has reminded me of Alfredo and Toto's relationship from Cinema Paradiso where Alfredo at first saw Toto as a nuisance but gradually treated him like a son. Hence, the relationship of Ricky and Hec is always something I am looking forward to watching.

One interesting point that is worth highlighting is the underlying deep message that the filmmaker wished to portray through his movie, which is never judge a book by its cover.

Hunt For The Wilderpeople

I think this movie is basically revolving around this theme as it is shown through the both main characters. Ricky is always labelled as the problematic child while Hec is judged as the dangerous man just because they both have a respective criminal record. This has led me to reflect on current society where we hastily made our judgement without listening or understanding the opposite party. We may not realise that our ignorance could bring potential adverse effects be it physically or psychologically to the individual.

Julian Dennison | Māori Television

Cyber-bullying is a good instance where bullies left nasty comments to victims without even clarifying the truth when a controversial issue arises. I feel that our society is in high demand for understanding and empathy in order to instil trust in our humanity. An unwanted fraction.

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