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Pennsylvania colleges offer a variety of online courses and programs. The state's flagship public university — Pennsylvania State University — created a World Campus that hosts more than degree and certificate programs online. Edinboro University offers online master's degrees in art therapy and counseling , and Gwynedd Mercy University offers an online master's in school counseling.

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Students may fulfill practicum and internship requirements in their local communities. To qualify as an LPC candidate in Pennsylvania, master's degree holders must complete at least 3, hours of postgraduate, supervised clinical experience. Graduates with a doctoral degree must complete 2, supervised clinical hours, provided at least 1, of these hours are completed after earning their degree. Courses for a counseling degree specialization like substance abuse counseling, including practicum or internship components, do not count toward these requirements.

Additionally, licensure candidates must pay the board's licensure application fee, submit two letters of recommendation, and sign an affirmation form verifying all of the information in the application.

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The board does not accept convicted felons unless 10 years have elapsed since the date of conviction or the board determines the candidate has made "significant progress in personal rehabilitation" since the conviction. Professional counselors with licenses in other jurisdictions may apply for licensure by reciprocity in Pennsylvania, provided their original jurisdiction also grants reciprocity to licensed counselors from Pennsylvania.

Out-of-state candidates must meet all of Pennsylvania's requirements for counseling licensure, along with specific qualifications for their profession. Additionally, they must provide a letter from their previous jurisdiction's board that confirms the candidate is fully licensed.

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Pennsylvania accepts exam results from tests administered in other jurisdictions as long as the candidate has met the state's score requirements. Professionals with a valid license in another jurisdiction and at least 3, supervised clinical experience hours may also qualify for licensure by endorsement. As of , LPCs in Pennsylvania must renew their license every two years. To qualify for renewal, counselors must complete at least 30 continuing education credits. At least three of these continuing education credits must focus on ethical practices, and up to 20 hours may be completed through home-based study.

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The board may conduct random audits of LPCs to ensure they are meeting their continuing education requirements. If this occurs, counselors must provide specific information about each continuing education course, including the number of credits, dates of attendance, instructor, and location. If the audit determines insufficient credits, the counselor receives a warning letter from the board and must complete all required credits within six months. Franzini-Armstrong is married to Dr. Clay Armstrong, who is a well-known channel electrophysiologist.

Moreover, Dr. Clay Armstrong is a professor of physiology at the University of Pennsylvania, and he was received numerous academic prizes. John is a businessman and an audio engineer. Katie is a biochemist, and she is currently spending her time at home raising her children and pursuing a science teacher career. Cecilia pursued a career in neuroscience, and she is currently at home raising her three children. Franzini-Armstrong has a total of nine grandchildren, and she loves spending time with them.

Counseling Licensure Requirements in Pennsylvania

Furthermore, she and her husband enjoy mountain trekking and downhill skiing. Franzini-Armstrong is a very decorated scientist as she has won numerous honors and awards throughout her career. From — , she held the honor of being a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

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Additionally, from — , she was a council member of the Biophysical Society. Knox Chandler of the K. Cole Award of the Biophysical Society. Moreover, in , she was honored with the position of co-chairman of the Biophysical Society Symposium on Excitation-Contraction Coupling.

In , she was inducted into the European Academy of Sciences.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Biophysics Society Newsletter.

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August Cell and Developmental Biology; Faculty and Administration". Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. The Biophysical Society Newsletter. The Journal of General Physiology. Kansas State University. Department of Molecular Biology. The Marine Biological Laboratory. Penn Medicine News Blog: Archives. Fellows of the Royal Society elected in Our Program. Penn Behavioral Health. Complete Care Prevention, treatment, management and rehabilitation of behavioral and psychiatric conditions are central to comprehensive health care. Addiction Services at Penn Medicine Penn Medicine's Addiction Services provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient treatment in the Philadelphia region to individuals and families struggling with addiction.