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Your Affiant reviewed video surveillance of the burglary from Fish and Still and observed a subject personally known to him as Jamie Lee Bledsoe. Bledsoe is also seen wearing a white polo style shirt with blue horizontal stripes and a light blue baseball style hat.

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Affiant knocked and announced his presence and Bledsoe opened the door to his motel room and was placed under arrest for said warrant. During this process Affiant observed in plain view the same articles of clothing that Bledsoe was wearing when he committed the burglary of building.

It- Marshall, Harrison County, Texas. Affiant forwarded the shirt to the Department of Public Safety crime laboratory in Garland Texas for testing.

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Deoxyribonucleic Acid, hereafter referred to as D. The motel is.

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Your Affiant was assigned to investigate a burglary of a building that occurred on July 15th at Fish and Still Equipment, located at East End Blvd. South in Marshall, Harrison County Jexas. The following items were taken from the. In the video Bledsoe's face Is clearly visible and Is seen repositioning the surveillance cameras.

Bledsoe is also seen wearing a white. Affiant knocked and announced his presence and B. During this process Affiant observed in plain vjeyt t. Sgt L.. Smith located ' an Armltt:ie Smith, the person whom paid for the rm. Smith also signed consent to search form for room His face could be seen. I then went to the District Attorney's Office and spoke with D. Investigator Kyle Ready. The search warrant was signed by Judge Hughey.

Once we entered the room, Officer Beck began to take pictures of the room. The room and remaining items were ' released. Vanover stated that his office was in the process of obtai. Qing warrants for Bledsoe also. On 12, at approximately hrs, I received Carthage P. After getting the search warrant signed by Judge Ammerman I met crime scene officer Sarah Livingston at the county jail. There she took 4 samples of the defendant Salvia from his mouth. Such powers include serving search warrants, seizing animals, and arresting offenders.

Some states require that humane officers complete training and instruction related to investigating animal cruelty. Approximately 34 states have granted agents of humane societies the power to enforce anti-cruelty statutes.

Other powers include carrying firearms, issuing citations, seizing equipment used in animal-fighting, summoning by-standers to their aid, etc. Some states require that humane officers complete training and instruction in investigating animal cruelty cases, animal care and husbandry, laws and regulations related to animals, and weapons training.

May take charge of and provide care for any animal that is sick or disabled due to neglect or is being cruelly treated or abused. Level 1 and 2 humane officers may serve search warrants for a violation, but must provide prior notice to local law enforcement agencies. Level 1 and 2 humane officers may use reasonable force necessary to prevent the perpetration of any act of cruelty upon any animal.

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File affidavits before a court charging the person violating the law with the violation if directed by the president of the humane society. Must have training and experience in activities relating to prevention of cruelty to animals or enforcement of laws relating to cruelty to animals.

May serve a warrant to enter and search a place where animal cruelty is alleged by complaint. Must attend annually a 6 hour course in the investigation of complaints relating to the care and treatment of animals. Ohio Rev. Code Ann. Minimum of 20 hours of training in investigation and prosecution of cruelty to and neglect of animals, including animal husbandry practices. May search any building or enclosure in which any violation is occurring or has occurred pursuant to search warrant.

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May take charge of any animal found abandoned or neglected, or is aged, maimed, disabled, lame, sick, diseased, injured, unfit for the labor it is performing, or cruelly treated. May cause a law enforcement officer to arrest and take into custody any person in violation. Summary: This table outlines the powers granted to agents of humane societies in some states to enforce anti-cruelty statutes. Full Site Search. Keywords or citation Is equal to Is not equal to Contains Contains any word Contains all words Starts with Does not start with Ends with Does not end with Does not contain Length is shorter than Length is longer than Regular expression Not regular expression.

Voluntary certification program established by Department of Health and Human Services and with t raining administered by Arkansas Animal Control Association. Level 1 and 2 humane officers: 20 hours of training in animal care, the focus of which shall be the identification of disease, injury, and neglect in domestic animals and livestock 40 hours of training in the state humane laws relating to the powers and duties of a humane officer 40 hours of continuing education and training Level 1: ongoing weapons training and range qualifications.

Level 1 and 2 humane officers may use reasonable force necessary to prevent the perpetration of any act of cruelty upon any animal Level 1 officers are authorized to carry firearms. May take charge of any animal found neglected or cruelly treated May take charge of and humanely destroy any abandoned, lost, strayed or homeless animal or animal unsuitable for adoption upon veterinarian certification or owner's written consent. May arrest and detain any person violating the statutes concerning cruelty to animals.

Not specifically provided, but may be able to serve search warrant pursuant to "other process" provision. May impound animal subjected to cruel mistreatment or cruel neglect in an S. May enter premises other than residence during normal business hours where the animal s are housed or kept, except by search warrant or court order. May impound animal s with authorization from Department of Agriculture May impound animal s and then notify Department in an emergency.

May inspect, care for or treat animal s May place animal s in the care of a humane society or veterinarian for treatment, boarding or other care May file a sworn complaint against perpetrator of cruelty to animals. May remove animal if: Cruelty is being practiced towards animal Animal is bruised, wounded, crippled, abrased, sick, or diseased. An authorized director of a humane society may inspect kennel premises if accompanied by a sheriff or a deputy sheriff.

May serve search warrant to search building or tenement at any hour of the day or night. May arrest and detain any person violating any law for the prevention of cruelty to animals May arrest all persons on the premises where animal-fighting occurs or where such animals are kept without a warrant. May, without a warrant, enter any premises used for animal- fighting May take possession of all paraphernalia, implements, or equipment used for animal-fighting.