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Senate seat. The Tennessee Alliance for Progress invited Mr.

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Cunningham as a panelist in a "Ethics Town Hall Meeting" concerning transparency and accessibility of state government. In TTR spearheaded a successful effort and petition drive to amend the Nashville city charter requiring any increase in property taxes to be approved by voters. Since a project of TTR has been monitoring the budgeting process for a planned convention center to be constructed in Nashville.

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In TTR spoke at a Nashville Tea Party rally in opposition to the federal bank bailouts in response to the financial crisis and in opposition to the stimulus expenditures. TTR has spoken out over the property seizures and police raids of Gibson Guitar Corporation in Nashville over alleged violations of the Lacey Act governing the importation of wildlife and plants under conservation protection, specifically hardwoods used in the manufacture of that company's guitars.

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In along with other state groups TTR asked state legislators to work to oppose federal health care reform measures. Cunningham was a speaker at a "Doctors and Patients Town Hall" political event at Lipscomb University sponsored by Ralph Weber's company MediBid and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and in an associated radio broadcast said that President Obama's reforms would "ruin our medical system" and result in a "decline into mediocrity and tyranny. Cunningham spoke out in favor of transparency in governmental economic development negotiations with private companies saying that Governor Bill Haslam and the State Funding Board need to "stop holding these secret negotiations with large corporations over handing out these huge wads of money.

A Tennessee 20th Senatorial District Republican candidate discussion forum in was moderated by Mr.

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While most frequently protesting increases in personal taxes, TTR has also opposed some tax breaks offered to large companies and special exceptions to sales taxes. In a January presentation to the Tea Party of Bradley County entitled "How to Fight Local Tax Hikes and Win" Ben Cunningham introduced his topic by pointing out the narrow margin by which a state income tax measure was defeated in the Tennessee legislature in the contention over that issue one decade previous.

He emphasized that a Tennessee state income tax is a genuine possibility in the future. After asserting the importance under the framing of the Founding Fathers of the United States for citizens to hold the government accountable and oppose tyranny in pursuit of a fair, just, and moral society, he stated that "there are people in Washington, D.

Cunningham continued, explaining that the key reason these and other tragedies occurred is that people did not fight back and did not take up the responsibility to preserve freedom. In his view, this veneration of freedom is embodied by resistance to government intrusion into private life, which he illustrated with the examples of regulation of the insurance industry which constrains the consumer's options and selective government bailout of some businesses but not others. He said that this sort of governmental behavior inevitably leads to corruption. He finalized this articulation of the reasons to fight against tax hikes by gesturing to the third photograph and saying, "Thankfully we haven't had to result [sic] in violence and certainly no one is advocating that, but clearly many people have.

And clearly many people had the opportunity to fight these forces of tyranny and they didn't do it.

Expansion of Graceland is benefiting from controversial tax incentives

Ultimately, the burden is on our shoulders and we've got to accept that burden and we've got to take the time to get involved in government at every level - nationally, state, local. In a number of public appearances Mr. Cunningham has said that government budgets derive from and therefore should be based upon the family budget, which is the most important budget of all. Therefore, in his framing, to maintain the health of government budgets it is essential to ensure health of the individual taxpayers' family budgets.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And they impressed me with how fragile freedom is and how extraordinary it is that we live in a relatively free country. There are people in Washington, D. It is the role of government to protect yours [sic] and my freedom: to make decisions about our property and our family and our lives. That really is the Goal One of government. That's really the only legitimate purpose for government, is to preserve and protect our freedom to make decisions for ourselves.

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Overview Samples Location. Memphis has by far the highest property tax rate in Tennessee and, more to the point, in Shelby County. Still, there are heroes among us. The place was a blighted wreck. For months, they employed crews of painters, gardeners, carpenters, and electricians.

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Their investment directly contributed to two more corner clean-ups and home sales, the survival of two restaurants and three other tax-paying businesses a block away, and the overall beauty of the street. What did they get for their trouble? Well, a nice house to live in, to be sure. No fair. Skip to main content.