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Program Type:. KidsPeace provides a number of specialized residential treatment options for children from age 6 to 17 with psychological and behavioral disorders. Serves males and females ages 10 to 18 who cannot be placed in outpatient community programs. Counseling, Recovery, Empowerment, and Wellness Services provides mental health services through therapy, support groups and one-on-one consultation.

Groups for adults take a strengths-based approach using systems such as Wellness Recovery Action Plan W. The new after-school program for children and adolescents will focus on skill building and emotional support. Individuals can search for Level 2 and 3 registered sex offenders by last name, zip code or county on the website.

By calling the number, individuals can obtain information on Level 1, 2 and 3 offenders.

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Callers need the offender's name and one of the following: exact address date of birth driver's license number Social Security number. The Forensics program conducts mental health evaluations for the Tompkins County court system. This program also provides counseling and risk assessment to inmates of the Tompkins County Jail.

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The Mental Health Clinic provides outpatient counseling and community mental health services. Level 1 Low Risk of Repeat Offense. Level 2 Moderate Risk of Repeat Offense.

Level 3 High Risk of Repeat Offense. SORA requires registration of people who were convicted in another jurisdiction state or federal if the offense is equivalent to a New York State registerable offense or who are required to register in another state.

Simply explain that you are moving to the state, include your mailing address and contact information, and the jurisdiction from which you are moving. Sex Offender Registry. Alfred E. Smith Building. Albany, New York Phone: The NY Board of Examiners will review your case and let you know if you must register in NY State and schedule a hearing to determine your level designation. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to represent you. Such rules significantly contribute to mass incarceration, and while their purpose is to protect the community, research and studies show they likely undermine public safety.

Children are likely to face sexual assault by a stranger.

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Throngs of adult predators are on the internet pretending to be children and luring kids to danger. The majority of kids online do not engage in solicitation by adults and simply ignore it. People convicted of sex offenses are more likely to commit additional crimes after they are released from prison. The majority of those convicted of a sex offense are not arrested for new crimes. Residency Restrictions. Public safety requires us to exclude people convicted of sex offenses from apartment buildings, neighborhoods, and school zones. Banning people from housing carries a much higher risk that people on the registry will become homeless and difficult to track.

But homelessness also initiates a cascading effect in which family support, social support and employment opportunities fall away, increasing the risks to public safety.

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Many research studies show a clear link between housing instability and increased criminal recidivism. In March of , OAD led a coalition of public defender, criminal justice reform and civil rights organizations opposing a budget amendment that would significantly expand the already draconian residency restrictions imposed on people convicted of sex offenses. If passed, this law will significantly contribute to mass incarceration while likely undermining public safety. A truly progressive legislative agenda demands forward-thinking, evidence-based, data-driven solutions to child abuse, not counterproductive laws built on fear and misconceptions.

On March 4, , the Georgia Supreme Court declared that a Georgia statute requiring lifetime electronic bracelet monitoring for people convicted of sex offenses is unconstitutional. You can read the decision here.

Sex Offender Management ENFORCEMENT

On February 21, , the Third Department held that the Sexual Abuse Reform Act SARA -- which imposes residency restrictions on people who were convicted of certain sex offenses and are on parole, conditional release or subject to post-release supervision -- is not applicable to a person has who completed a sentence for a sex offense conviction and is subsequently incarcerated on an unrelated offense.

Representation of People Convicted of Sex Offenses. What is the "Sex Offender" Registry?