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The second part of the Extent Element may be either:. If the description of particular media or individual items requires more detail, such as other physical characteristics or dimensions, consult an appropriate standard, such as those listed in Appendix B.

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If the material type has been provided in the title statement, do not repeat it in the statement of extent. Commentary: It is important to include information about the quantity and physical nature of the materials for several reasons. It enables users to eliminate material that is irrelevant to their needs; for example, a user may want only the material containing photographs.

It also enables users to plan their research: knowing the quantity is important because it takes longer to go through thirty boxes or twenty hours of sound recordings than it does to go through one box or five hours. The amount of detail provided at any level of description is a matter of institutional policy, depending on user needs and available resources.

At lower levels in a multilevel description, extent may be expressed as an enumeration of boxes or folders rather than as a narrative extent statement. Further details about quantity and physical characteristics may also be provided in the Scope and Content Element 3. If desired, both may be used. The file format type is normally the file name extension. This is especially recommended where the description includes a link directly to the record.

Commentary: For archival materials, the creator is typically the corporate body, person, or family responsible for an entire body of materials. However, a creator can also be responsible for the intellectual or artistic content of a single item, as in the writer of a letter or the painter of a portrait. A collector or compiler of materials e. This element provides rules for determining which entities need to be documented as creators. The names selected in this process can also serve as access points—index terms by which users can search for and locate relevant archival materials.

The selection of access points is discussed in the Overview of Archival Description. Repositories should standardize the formation of creator names to ensure that the name is identical each time it is used in a descriptive system and that each person, family, or corporate body has a heading that applies to it alone.

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Repositories are encouraged to employ recognized standardized vocabularies e. Take the information from any reliable source, including the internal evidence of the materials being described, an external source such as a records schedule or communication with a donor.

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However, it is much more likely that the repository will choose to include in the title only the name of the person or family around which the collection is formed. Names of other creators can appear in other parts of the description e.

When devising a title for the records of a corporate body, only one creator can be named in the title. Other creators can be mentioned in other parts of the description e. Rules for formulating the name segment of devised titles are found in rules 2. Where possible, terms should be applied from a controlled vocabulary e. Note: MARC 21 encoding, indicating that the entry is a family name. Note: EAD encoding, indicating that the entry is a corporate body. Note: Text label, indicating that the entry is a personal name.

Series title : H. Clugston and Mary Ann Maudlin dance scrapbooks. Record in creator element at the collection level: Loring, Eugene, Optionally, record in a creator element at the series level: Clugston, H.

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Record in the creator element at the collection level: Bell family. Optionally, record in a creator element at the item level: Hubbard, Gardiner Greene.

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The purpose of this element is to describe the required elements of a biographical or administrative history note about creators embedded in the description of materials. This element also describes the relationship of creators to archival materials by providing information about the context in which those materials were created. These rules are covered here in Element 2. Held in a separate system of authority files that are linked to the archival descriptions and displayed together. These rules are covered in Part II. Archivists may wish to devise more or less detail, depending on the system being used and other local variables.

There may be instances in describing collections where providing information about the collector is not necessary—for example, when the repository is the collector. Establish a consistent policy regarding the content, form, and placement of citation of sources and quotations. Bessye J. In later years Mrs.

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At the age of 20, Bessye Banks married R. Howard Bearden. They had one son, Romare, who became an internationally renowned artist. Bearden managed the New York office of the E. Brown Real Estate Company of Philadelphia for many years. She was also the New York representative for the Chicago Defender , starting in , and did freelance writing for other publications.


On June 11, , Mrs. Bearden was appointed Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue, serving first in the Processing Division and later as an auditor. In she was the first black woman to be elected to local School Board No. Chang and Eng Bunker , the original Siamese twins, were born in Meklong, Siam, and were brought from Bangkok to Boston in Chang had ten children; Eng had nine children. They continued to make exhibition tours until about Marine Corps private mustered out as first lieutenant. Include name, dates, profession, and geographic location.

Frederick Reines was a particle physicist, Nobel laureate, and educator internationally recognized for his verification of the existence of the neutrino and investigation of its properties. Political activist Allard Kenneth Lowenstein served as a lawyer, teacher, speaker, author, U. Edgar Allardyce Wood wrote under the name of Kerry Wood. He was also known as Nobby. The Gordon family of Savannah, Ga.

Gordon , lawyer, Confederate Army officer, cotton merchant, state legislator, and brigadier general during the Spanish-American War of ; his wife, Eleanor Nelly Lytle Kinzie Gordon ; her mother, Juliette Magill Mrs. John Kinzie of Chicago, author; and the children of W. The Ker family was related to the Baker and other families of Mississippi and Louisiana.

Prominent family members included John Ker of Natchez, Miss. Biographical sketch for the Ker family papers. Charles Bishop Kuralt, , was a newspaper, radio, and television journalist and author. George Moses Horton ? His father, Dr. Daniel Webster Boatner, was an itinerant minister who took his family with him on his travels from church to church. Impressed by the singing he heard in those churches, Boatner began to collect spirituals at an early age.

He was educated in the public schools of St. Louis, Missouri, where his family lived during his childhood. He also attended the public schools of Kansas City, Kansas, where his family later moved. Upon graduation in , Boatner took lessons in voice and piano at Western University in Quindaro, Kansas, for a short time. Later that year Boatner sang for the famous tenor Roland Hayes, who encouraged the young baritone to continue his vocal studies in Boston.

In , Boatner moved to Chicago in order to complete his formal education. During his student years in Chicago, Boatner directed the choirs at Olivet Baptist Church and concertized widely as a singer. His reputation grew during the years , when he was director of music for the National Baptist Convention. He later taught at the Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, where he was appointed dean of music. He was professor at the City University of New York from until his death. With the outbreak of World War II, the Yasutake family, together with all other ethnic Japanese residing in Washington, Oregon, and California, was removed to an internment camp.

This internment made a deep impression on Yamada that informed much of her later literary and political career. After the war, she completed a B. Floyd B. He earned his undergraduate and law degrees from North Carolina Central University. Also indicate any other activities important to an understanding of the life of the person or family. Give information about significant accomplishments or achievements, including honors, decorations, and noteworthy public recognition.

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Susan M. She served the latter as executive director when it was known as the Native American Press Association NAPA and later as a member of its board of directors. She continues to work as a freelance writer and consultant to tribes and organizations.

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Jessie Daniel Ames was a civil rights worker of Atlanta, Ga. Beginning in , Ames served separate roles as secretary and vice president of the Texas Commission on Interracial Cooperation. During this time, Ames established the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching, which functioned as a volunteer component within the Commission.