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Check a title or lien status online. If it has been over 90 days, you still have not received your title,. Email the DMV to check your title status. Step 1: Provide your contact information if you are a lending institution, nclude your lien filing code. Step 2: Provide complete and accurate information for the vehicle s or boat s in question. Step 4: Send an email with the form as an attachment to the email address shown on the form.

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Department of Motor Vehicles Navigation menu. Go to www. Rasputin, Was reviewing the registration information posted on the NYS DMV site, and came across this text: "If you did not get the vehicle from a NYS automobile dealer, you receive an inspection extension sticker. The sticker allows you 10 days from the registration date to get the vehicle inspected in NYS.

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Any NYS or out-of-state inspection issued to the previous registrant is not valid after the vehicle is registered to you. You must have the vehicle inspected. Sounds like a VIN Verification to me.

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Anybody know what this is in reference to?? Andybody have experience with this?? Greg G F1 Rookie. Jul 5, 3, northern New Jersey.

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Thanks Greg. Good to know that your experiences all bear out the fact that a VIN Verification is not needed. I had not reason to dispute Rasputin either, especially since he's been through the process; I was just surprised to find language on the side that suggested some sort of inspection needs to be done -- something I wasn't aware of. If so, could you elaborate on the best way to do so. Again, I wasn't aware that you needed to do this. Guys, Got the car registered today.

Does anybody know if Precision Auto Body does this? Thanks much. Nov 6, Full Name: Ben. I bought my car in Colorado and registered it in NJ. The date element shall be in YYMMDD format, contain valid numeric characters, represent a valid date for the transaction and be complete without modification. The unique number assigned to a specific organizational entity by the Internal Revenue Service.


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Federal employer identification number may default to zeros when an organization does not have a FEIN. An insurance company shall report notices using its own NAIC number. An insurance company group writing policies under multiple company names shall not report notices using a single NAIC code.

A single insurer within an insurance company group may be the sender or servicing agent for all or a portion of the companies within the insurance company group. The actual date of birth of the individual named insured.

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The century element shall contain numeric characters that represent a valid century for a living individual. The actual gender sex of an individual named insured. U shall be submitted only if the gender is actually unknown and shall not used as a default for expediency. Excluded names: vehicle owners title holders , lessors, lessees, lien holders, loss payees, drivers and others who are not registrants. A hyphen may be used for a hyphenated last name surname for an individual, e.

An ampersand and numeric characters may be used within organization names. DMV will not register a vehicle without proper documentation of registrant name. Proof of identity is required for an individual.

Legal documentation, such as incorporation papers or a DBA filing with a county clerk is required for an organization. Accordingly, a liability insurance policy and insurance ID cards or insurance certificates shall not be issued in a name or names not legally supported for registration.

Registration name shall be submitted, in the name element order of last name surname , first name given name and middle name or initial. If the individual is not yet a registrant, the name must be acceptable for registration. Names shall not begin with first name or middle names.

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Prefixes and suffixes shall not be included within name except as noted herein. Hyphenated names shall be submitted completely with the name component before the hyphen listed first. Acceptable individual name examples:. A registration generally remains in the name of the deceased, is transferred to a surviving spouse, or the vehicle is registered in the name of the executor, executrix, administrator, etc.

Otherwise, ownership is transferred to a new owner who generally becomes the registrant. The greatest percentage of matched notices will result from submitting the name of the deceased. Registration name shall be submitted. If the organization is not yet a registrant, the name used must be acceptable for registration, e.

Organization names include corporations, professional corporations, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporate DBAs, individual DBAs and so forth. Acceptable organization name examples:. An individual DBA was registered with the last name entered first during calendar years , and