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Ten Takeaways From Little Brother's Brilliant Comeback Album 'May the Lord Watch'

Catalog no. Product: 1 compact disc. Order info: Atlantic Genres: Pop Hip Hop. Listing status:.

Released: Mei Average: 4,3 3 ratings. Tracks Little Brother Yahzarah 1. Welcome to the minstrel show. Little Brother 2. Beautiful morning. Little Brother 3. The becoming.

The Minstrel Show

Little Brother Darien Brockington 4. Not enough. Little Brother 5. Little Brother Elzhi 6. Hiding place.

Little Brother Darien Brockington 7. Slow it down. Little Brother 8.

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Say it again. Little Brother 9. Little Brother Joe Scudda Lovin' it.

Little Brother Diary of a mad black daddy [skit]. Little Brother Darien Brockington All for you.

About This Artist

Watch me. Sincerely yours. Still lives through. Little Brother Yahzarah Minstrel show [closing theme]. Little Brother Chaundon We got now. Phonte and Pooh may not the second coming of Mos Def and Talib Kweli, but they more than make up in intangibles such as mike presence, humility and chemistry. In trying to knock hip-hop off the slippery slope toward irrelevance and self-destruction, Little Brother may be fighting a lost battle.

The Minstrel Show Tracklist

But I hope this is the beginning of a trend toward major labels opening their rosters to more diverse clientele. The Minstrel Show may be too intelligent for this generation of hip-hoppers, but it will at least provide some food for thought. I mean, dope beats, dope rhymes.

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