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Now every New Yorker can make their own choice as to how their gender is represented on their birth certificates," said Johnson said in a statement. I hope everyone who chooses to change their gender marker knows that their City government has their back and supports their decision. The Health Department says that since , when the city made it easier for transgender New Yorkers to amend their birth certificates but required documentation from licensed healthcare professionals , over 1, birth certificates were amended, "compared to just 20 per year in the previous four years.

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Featured in News. This must include your social security card or proof of ineligibility , which counts as two points. You will need to accumulate four other points using things such as a birth certificate, utility bills, or U. At least one of the ID documents you provide must include your signature, and they must all be originals or certified copies.

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However, the good news is that if you have all six points, or you already have a New York State ID, it is one of the easiest documents to get in your preferred legal name and gender. You must provide a completed application form MV , a certified copy of your legal name change order, and your current New York State ID.

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  6. Please see our sample letter for an example. At the DMV, they usually take all of your documents and make copies but will usually return the originals to you before you leave. We recommend visiting the DMV offices in Manhattan, as they process a large volume of applications daily and are likely more familiar with the rules regarding name and gender changes. You can also make an appointment online. The application to change your name and gender is located here. You should also request a G-1 billing exception code if you identify as female or a G-2 code if you identify as male so that you will not be denied services that have typically been restricted based on sex designations.

    You can also submit a marriage license. For individuals who have benefits or state aid, such as those who enrolled through the marketplace and not via HRA, NY State has a similar policy. If you receive benefits, such as Medicaid, from New York State of Health, you will need to update with them by calling or by logging into your web login and uploading the appropriate documents, such as your name change order and doctor letter.

    It is a good idea to submit your doctor letter when requesting the G-1 or G-2 codes. Under the new policy, all newly issued benefit cards come without a gender marker. You can therefore ask for a new card but will not be able to have your gender switched on the card. The service provider should be able to provide you with a new benefits card the same day. Because this is a new policy, there may be HRA providers who are unfamiliar with the updated policy. As is true with any change in law, regulation, or policy, we do not expect this transition to be without complications.

    This policy does not apply to cards issued by insurance providers of Medicaid benefits, such as Amida Care or HealthFirst. New York City Birth Certificate. If you are updating your name, you must submit a certified copy of your legal name change order.

    The affirmation or affidavit must include your name, date of birth, birth certificate number, and address and must be notarized.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The materials can be submitted in person or sent by mail to the address below:. To update birth certificates issued in New York State outside of the five boroughs of New York City, you will first need a certified copy of your current birth certificate or a notarized affidavit confirming that you are 18 years of age or older.

    To change your name on the birth certificate, you must include a certified copy of the legal name change order. To change your gender marker, you must complete a Notarized Affidavit of Gender Error. You must also include a notarized affidavit on professional letterhead from a physician M. The notarized affidavit must include a statement noting that the provider is making their findings upon independent and unbiased review and evaluation and is not related to the applicant.

    TLDEF: Great News! NYS Updates Birth Certificate Policy; TLDEF Calls upon NYC to Follow Suit

    The current administration accepts a range of gender-affirming statements by providers as long as they are notarized and attest to your gender transition. Please see the sample affidavit below for an example. Other Birth Certificates. Each state has a different rule on changing name and gender on birth certificates. Some states, such as Washington or Vermont, will accept a letter similar to the one you would use for a passport. Some states, such as California, require a court order.

    NY has new birth certificate gender option

    Other states will not change your birth certificate at all. If you were born in Puerto Rico, they will not change your gender, but may be able to change your name. You may have more luck going in person to the Demographic Registry in Puerto Rico. For information on changing your IDs within the U.

    Do keep in mind that some policies may change without notice. If you are a United States citizen and cannot update your birth certificate, we recommend getting a United States Passport. Please see below for more information. The Department of State issues U. Since , they have had one of the best policies for changing names and gender markers.

    This amount cannot be waived. If you already have a valid, unexpired U. If you are applying for a passport for the first time, your passport is expired, or you want to also change your gender marker, you will need more materials. You will first need to provide proof of citizenship by showing your most recent U.

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    To change your name, the passport policy requires a certified copy of your legal name change order. Our sample letter includes all of the required elements for changing your U. All IDs should be copied front and back. You should bring your Social Security card as well. Currently, the State Department issues two types of passports. The passport policy previously required proof of surgery to change the gender marker for a full validity passport. The State Department therefore offered a second type of passport with limited validity for those who were still in the process of transitioning or had not had surgery yet.

    It has limited validity in that it is only valid for two years. With the change in requirements, we now recommend all TGNCI folks to apply for the full validity ten year passport. If you do elect to apply for a limited validity two year passport, you may extend it to a full validity passport free of charge if you apply within the two years by submitting the DS Form.

    Once you have all the materials, you should bring them to your local post office for processing. Immigration IDs. When you apply for any immigration benefit with U. This applies to people applying for an immigration benefit for the first time, and also those who already have a record with USCIS under a different name or gender marker and are applying for something new.

    Gender 'X': New York City adds gender-neutral option to birth certificates

    USCIS will be most convinced that it should address you by your preferred name and gender if you do submit legal or medical documents. According to its April policy, USCIS is required to recognize your correct gender marker, and issue IDs and other documents accordingly, if you submit a letter from a doctor that meets the passport letter criteria, a court order recognizing your gender marker, or a changed birth certificate or passport with your application. USCIS will also issue all letters and documents in your legal name if you submit a name change order with your application.

    That said, you are always permitted to advocate for yourself that you are the gender that you know yourself to be!