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Crime Report: July 21, Jul 21, On File: July 21, Crime Report: July 14, Jul 14, On File: July 14, On File: July 7, Jul 7, Crime Report: June 30, Jun 30, On File: June 30, Crime Report: June 23, Jun 23, On File: June 23, Crime report: June 16, Jun 16, On File: June 16, On file: June 9, Top of page What Records Does Vital Registration Have Vital Registration maintains records of birth, death, marriage and divorce for people who were born, died, married, or divorced in the State of West Virginia.

Before , county clerks served as the sole local registrars and custodians of birth, death, and marriage for those events that occurred in their respective counties. It is likely that the official reporting and recording of births, deaths, and marriages was mandated from the creation of the state in , as it was the law in Virginia from which West Virginia was created beginning around However, due to the extreme rural nature of the population and the lack of coherent collection mechanisms, reporting was probably very "hit and miss" except around major cities.

Although in modern times it is extremely rare for a birth or death to go unreported, many births and deaths went unreported, although required by law, due to the lack of coherent collection mechanisms and what must have been a perceived lack of legal "utility". Many reports may have been more a matter of posterity than legal obligation.

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For example, there was no need for a birth certificate to prove age for Social Security purposes, because there was no Social Security. Most people did not have life insurance, so there was little need for a death certificate for that purpose.

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The biggest "push" for full reporting of births and deaths was due to the institution of sanitary reforms for the prevention of disease and the use of birth and death reporting in the census of the nation. The reporting of the health conditions surrounding birth and death played an important role in monitoring disease and the impact of the interventions. It was not until that as many births occurred in hospitals as occurred at home.