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If a customer exceeds this more than once, they'll incur a data roaming surcharge of 0. You won't incur any additional roaming charges for using add-ons — our open data policy only applies to your standard monthly data allowance. No, the iD Mobile app doesn't use up any of your data. You can login and use it as many times as you want, in any EU country. All iD Mobile plans come with inclusive EU roaming. This lets you roam like you're at home in 50 destinations. If you're in one of our 50 Inclusive Roaming destinations and use an allowance you've run out of, the following charges will apply:.

See our roaming rates page to find out more. Yes, you can use add-ons in any of our inclusive EU roaming countries. So if you're ever running low on an allowance, you can buy what you need using the iD Mobile app or My Account online , and avoid racking up out-of-plan charges. If you're in a Band 2 destination Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Macedonia , you can use your minutes to call the UK or the same destination you're in.

In Band 1, which contains all our other 46 inclusive roaming destinations, you can use your minutes to call or text the UK, the same destination you're in, AND all other Band 1 destinations. It depends what plan you're on. Our open data policy applies to selected iD plans, and it means you'll be charged for using more than a certain amount of your data allowance for EU roaming. You should also be aware of our fair usage policy, which adds a surcharge to your plan if you spend too much time roaming, rather than using your phone in the UK.

You can use your remaining inclusive allowances to make calls and send texts between our Inclusive Roaming Band 1 destinations. If you use up your allowance standard UK out-of-plan rates will apply.

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If you're in a Band 2 destination Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan or Macedonia , you can only use your remaining inclusive allowance to call the UK or the same country you are in. If you use up your allowances standard UK out-of-plan rates will apply to call or text the UK or within the country you are in.

You might have seen that we did charge customers roaming rates to make calls and send texts between EU roaming destinations, but we will now be refunding all customers who did this. Anyone who has made a call or sent a text between 15th June and the end of August will automatically be refunded the charge by the end of September.

To transfer your number simply go to the Keep My Number page and follow the simple instructions. Please note: it is easy to transfer your number Online! Please go to the Keep My Number page. Once the number transfer has been completed your service with your previous provider should automatically be cancelled please check with your previous provider around any outstanding payments you need to make.

Typically, we won't charge you to transfer your number over to iD. But please check with your old network provider about any cancellation fees or outstanding balances.

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If you're joining iD and bringing your number with you, you can check the status of your transfer by logging into your 'iD Account'. Porting is the term used when a number is being transferred from one service provider to another. It lets you send a written message from one device to another. MMS Multimedia Messaging Service lets you send things like pictures, videos and sound attachments from one device to another. MMS is charged at a different rate to SMS, and each message has a limit of Kb, so if a message exceeds Kb additional costs will apply.

Please see our call charges table for more info. If the person you're sending your MMS to has a device that doesn't support MMS functionality, their network provider will usually store the message and allow them to access the message using a web browser. If this happens, the customer will be alerted by a message containing a link and instructions on how to view their message.

If the recipient's device supports the MMS feature - but they don't get your MMS - they'll need to raise this with their service provider.

What is the scam?

Spam messages are unsolicited messages. They're annoying and can feel intrusive, but are usually harmless, so can usually be ignored. But if you wish, you can take action to stop them see the question below. This is because in some circumstances - for example when you've included pictures, emoticons, smileys, or other media content - the message is converted into an MMS message and these are not included in in any free text allowance you have. If your phone converts messages to MMS when you send a message to multiple recipients, you'll get additional charges.

The best way to avoid this is to send messages individually or to very small groups at a time. If any of your contacts have email details usually synced through Facebook or other apps your message to them might go to their email address rather than their phone number. This will be charged as an MMS. Make sure you check your contacts for email addresses so this doesn't happen. It's really important that you check for this as phones can't send different types of messages to recipients in the same batch. Make sure you also keep within the text message length limit of characters. Remove any pictures, sound clips and even smileys from your messages too.

It was launched back in , and gave us much quicker data transfer speeds than 2G.

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With 3G, UK mobile owners can do things like browsing the web, playing online games and making video calls. With 4G you can make clearer calls, stream music and video content without any buffering, and quickly download apps and other content. You can use our coverage checker to see what the signal is like in your area. First of all, use our coverage checker to see if your area is covered - especially if you're having trouble getting a steady signal.

The coverage checker will give a good idea of the level of service you can expect in a particular area. If all the above fails, you can let us know you're experiencing coverage issues by logging a coverage fault. We'll investigate the cause of the fault and try to get you up and running as soon as possible. Please note: We are unable to guarantee service indoors in a particular property due to varying factors in each architectural build. Firstly, we strongly recommend you take all the steps outlined in "How can I improve my mobile signal?

If these steps don't help, and you still think there's an issue, you can just chat with one of our Live Chat agents, by clicking on the 'Chat to us. The more information you have the easier it is for the team to isolate the fault and put a fix in place. All of our plans come with superfast 4G included.

To make full use of the 4G service you'll need the following:. Whether you're getting 4G depends on your location and the phone you're using. You can order with us safely and securely online at www.

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Yes you can - however, if you close the tab or window, or return to the order after 24 hours or more, the items will have been removed. You'll need to start the order again. You might be able to cancel or change your order if it hasn't been sent out yet we'll send you an email when it has. Call the iD Customer Services team on and we'll do our best to help.

If we've already sent your item, you may be able to return or exchange it.

Check out our returns and exchanges page for more information. If you return your order unused within your cooling off period there are no cancellation charges. Any orders returned outside this period will be charged a cancellation fee as per the terms and conditions of your contract. You'll need to pay for line rental and any usage up to the point of cancellation failure to do this might affect your credit score.

Please see our returns page for full details of how to return your order.

Can I keep my mobile number? Switching networks, PAC codes & porting

This is a possibility. However, if you visit us in store we'll try to find you an alternative deal that meets your requirements. To start making calls, sending texts or using data, you just need to top-up your credit or buy a bundle - if you haven't done this already. And don't forget to update your personal details either, so we can let you know about our great deals and treats, especially tailored to you. The iD Mobile app puts you in complete control of your iD account at all times, even when you're out and about. Here are just a few of the useful things you'll be able to do: monitor your usage to see how much of your allowances you have left; top-up your credit; quickly buy bundles and make them recur each month; save your card details to make purchases quicker and easier; and get all our latest offers and much more!

How to know your own mobile number through your mobile

Simply tap 'Top-up now' from your dashboard, or do it from the 'Top-ups' section. Then choose your top-up amount and enter your card details. Then you just need to confirm the amount. In the app or online account, go to the 'Bundles' section.

Change your phone number

Click 'Buy a Bundle', and you can then browse the available Bundles. Click 'Continue' on the one you want, and confirm payment to complete your purchase. You can also make this a recurring bundle, so it'll renew automatically each month, without you having to lift a finger. In the app or online account in the 'My allowances' panel you'll see a button called 'Set up recurring bundle'. Click on this and follow the steps. Alternatively, head to the 'Bundles' section and follow the same steps.