Track a nextel phone with gps

Once the Accutracking app is installed to a compatible mobile device you can view the live position of that phone from any computer, PDA or cell phone with a web browser. Your Accutracking members area will also show you the path of travel that phone has taken with historical plots of their past locations for as many days as you wish up to 30 days ago.

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The members area also shows lots of other great info such the target phones heading, speed and even the signal strength and battery power of their cell phone. AccuTracking is Google Latitude on steroids. There is not a HUGE difference between the four tracking packages and for most people the least expensive package should work fine and has plenty of features and power.

It is a pay as you go - month by month service so there are no long term commitments. AccuTracking has a ton of GPS tracking configuration and features. AccuTracking is a very low cost high powered GPS location tracking app for cell phones. What happens is the Google search engine will recognize a cell phone is performing the Google search.

How to Track a Cell Phone

The Google search engine will also know what platform your cell phone has and with this information will be able to return to you the most relevant results specific to your cell phone. In other words someone using their Blackberry cell phone web browser will display search results specific to BlackBerry. Boosting productivity is obviously the goal of any profit based business, but it is also an incredibly important characteristic of effective disaster relief agencies like FEMA. GPS integrated software like TeleNav Track helps businesses boost productivity by doing three things very well.

The first is that it gets employees to locations quickly and effectively. We are all very familiar with GPS navigation devices and how useful they can be in helping us navigate new and unfamiliar territory. The second is that is relays the employees position back to a central dispatching center which can keep track of all the moving parts in the complex world of mobile businesses. The idea of a central hub where information is gathered and then decisions are made is even more important in a disaster situation. Not only does the data need to be sent from the GPS enabled cell phone, but information must also be sent to the cell phone so that field agents can be kept abreast of the situation and their tasks.

The ability to see all these moving pieces and to make good decisions with that data is the second benefit of a service like TeleNav Track.

GPS Tracking & Asset Management Solutions

The third and final think that this does is that it helps business reduce the amount of waste engaged in by employees. If employees know that you can know their exact location in real time then they are less likely to goof off when on the clock. It is a very powerful tool as an employee to go up to an employee and ask them why they spent 2 hours parked at a shopping mall when they should have been out on the street working when they know that you know that that was exactly what they were doing.

In addition to being able to boost productivity, GPS tracking management systems like TeleNav Track also help you reduce costs associated with doing business. Just think about this one a second and you will see several ways in which you can see an immediate benefit to your companies bottom line or help ensure tax payer dollars are being well spent in the case of FEMA. As was mentioned above, GPS tracking devices can help keep employees more accountable for their day to day activity. This increases productivity because it gets people working more, but it also helps reduce costs because you will no longer be paying people to do nothing.

Another key element that TeleNav Track offers is the ability to do a lot of paperwork electronically. The savings that this type of switch can generate is certainly nothing to sniff at. And finally, many GPS cell phone tracking systems help companies manage risk by putting their eyes on their assets at all times.

They can know how many of their employees are out on the field, where their vehicles are, and make decisions about the best way to use these assets to better the business or to better serve the people. Aside from being a really cool feature for any cell phone, GPS-enable or not, Nextel Direct Connect also offers three main benefits to businesses:. I certainly hope so. Only time will tell. But upon further investigation, it appears that the claims made in the press release are a little misleading.

At Spycentre. While this sentence does come from a site not associated with Spy Centre Security, it does contain their contact information and is very similar to a press release posted on the companies website on September 11, This leads me to believe that the message is legitimate. Consumers need to know the difference between a data logger and a real time tracker if they are to really understand how to best track their teen and to sift through clever marketing attempts of GPS manufacturers. A data logger is a GPS tracking device that simply records the position of the device at set intervals determined by the user or by the device itself.

In order to access the information that the device records, you must retrieve the device and download the contents onto your computer. GPS tracking software then interacts with the data and plots it on an interactive Google Maps like interface.

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This type of tracking is great when you only need to know somethings trip after the fact. For example, if you enjoy launching hobby rockets and you want to know how high and how fast your rocket travels then using a data logger is a great way to get that information. One of the newest types of data loggers to hit the market are GPS tracking sticks. These devices are as large as a USB stick and very similar in build and shape. They even have a male USB connection built in for a simple downloading process. Just plug the device in and watch the software take over and do the work of analyzing the data for you.

Certainly powerful stuff, but not what most parents think of when they want to know where there teen is. They are not good when a natural disaster strikes and you need to know where your teen is right now. For that, you would need a real time GPS tracker. A real time GPS tracking device is one that is able to send its position information from the device to a third party so that the position of the device can be seen in real time. This is what most parents are going to think about when they are looking into GPS trackers for their teenager. The real time trackers available through Spy Centre Security are certainly expensive.

The obvious solution to this issue is to find a cheaper, real time tracking solution for parents of teenagers. And since most teenagers want the latest and greatest cell phone you know that they probably already have a GPS enabled cell phone on them right now. There are plenty of paid services out there for parents looking at a paid option. Most cell phone carriers offer something that you can take a look at that will add a nominal monthly fee to your cell bill.

Another option open to parents is to go with free GPS tracking software for cell phones. This might take a little more work on your part of monitoring and installing the system, but can you beat free? In the end, whatever you decide to do with your teen is really up to you.

Nextel phones still working 😎

Teen GPS tracking devices are relatively new, but that should not deter parents from taking advantage of this new and powerful technology to help them raise honest, law-abiding children who drive safely and come home on time. While some might balk at tracking their teen with GPS, here at GPS For Today we feel like there are plenty of reasons why parents have every right to track a teen driver.

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