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For example, at least three years must have passed following the end of any probationary period following conviction with no new arrests or convictions for charges reduced from DUI, the wait could be longer. A request to vacate a record is discretionary, meaning a judge does not have to grant it, even if a person otherwise qualifies under the statute.

Also, only one offense in a lifetime can be vacated. If a request to vacate is granted, the end effect is that the previous guilty plea is withdrawn and the charge is dismissed. Thereafter, a person can legally and honestly say they have not been convicted of the offense and would not need to disclose it as a conviction on future applications, etc.

Vacating an offense can be helpful, but it is not as perfect solution. For instance, the record of the case is not deleted. There will still be a court record of everything that occurred in the case unless the record is also sealed see below. Also, the Department of Licensing does not recognize vacated convictions, so if the offense was a driving offense, DOL will still maintain the conviction information on its own records.

The only way to ensure that the public will not have any access to information in a court record is to have it sealed. This is a difficult process because generally speaking there is a predisposition to having open access to court records. In other words, courts get suspicious of people trying to hide things. A request to seal, like vacating a conviction, is discretionary and the person must show a compelling privacy interest that outweighs the public policy of open access. Depending upon the court and the judge, as well as the reason you are requesting to have your records sealed, sealing a record can be easy to almost impossible.

Contrary to popular belief, juvenile records do not automatically get sealed when you turn There are different rules for cases occurring in juvenile court and it is generally easier to vacate, seal and expunge records of juvenile arrests and convictions. But you must affirmatively ask for such relief. You only get so many phone calls when you get arrested, so make sure to have a friend or relative locate an attorney for you. The faster you hire an attorney to represent you and work on your case, the better your chances.

To read more about this, click here: Find an Attorney. Public Defenders are real attorneys, members of the Washington State Bar and are completely licensed to represent you in court and practice law. Have you or someone you know had to use a court appointed attorney or Public Defender? What was your experience? Court records are public records.

Court records are comprised of a file containing a docket sheet and all of the documents and motions filed during your court case. You are able to access your court case records using the Cowlitz County website, or by going to the Cowlitz County Clerk of Court. A Clerk of Court is a member of the court that manages the records. All records, documents, and evidence from your case are available at the Cowlitz County Clerk of Court. Court costs and court fees are the charges and fees from your case, for example filing fees, motion fees and various court charges.

The Cowlitz County magistrate acts as the judge who presides over your case in court. Magistrates are judges that do several different things, which include setting your bail amount, writing arrest warrants, and acting as the presiding judge over preliminary and procedural court proceedings and detention proceedings.

Information and personal details will be requested from the defendant, his or her family, and in some circumstances the victim in the crime. Keep in mind you are allowed to request to receive your own copy of the pre-sentencing report before your sentencing, so you can correct any mistakes that it contains.

When you are convicted of a crime, you will be sentenced. There are several different options for sentencing, which include community service to probation, to even incarceration in either jail short term or prison long term. Depending on the severity of the crime, you could be taken into custody immediately, or you could get a date that you must go to jail to serve your jail time according to your sentence. Are you trying to find out if some you know is incarcerated in jail, or has been an inmate in the past?

If you have an outstanding warrant, you can check the arrest warrants on the Cowlitz County jail website or call the court. You have to have their first and last name. Or, you can just go the jail in person and inquire at the information desk. Keep in mind that if you do have an outstanding warrant, they will take you into custody immediately. An arrest is a matter of public record and the information is freely available.

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A Civil Process is when you are served with legal papers, like court orders. All registered sex offenders are listed and registered on a sex offender database.

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The people listed on these databases have been tried by jury and convicted in a court of law of a sex offense. You are able to see this information online, but bear in mind that you will not find the exact address, just the address block that they live on.

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Court Records are considered public records, so they are accessible to anyone who requests them. Court Records include a court case file that includes a docket sheet and all of the documents filed in your case.

You are able to access your court records on the internet, or at the Cowlitz County Clerk of Court in the jurisdiction where the case was filed. These state databases are connected and you can track criminal histories from other states. You can go to courthouse and make an inquiry, or you can check online.

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It is helpful to know the county the crime was committed in, and if it was in a different state, you may have to pay for a more intensive search. Have you ever needed to find criminal records? Was it a difficult process? Did you do your search online or did you have to make a phone call to the jail? Did you get information that was correct?

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There are plenty of reasons that people look up criminal backgrounds and records, and your comments may help other people. Just the thought of serving a jail sentence in Cowlitz County Corrections Department is very scary, soon you will become accustomed to the daily routine. Then you will get breakfast. This could be working in the kitchen, laundry, or some sort of manufacturing job.

While this may seem tedious, it may help you when you leave jail, as you are gaining experience in a certain field of work. Other inmates go to school, while some take part in mandated treatment programs.

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After lunch, there will be another roll call, then back to work. Your evening will be spent either in your cell or a common room. During this time dinner is served and you will be expected to take a shower. Even though you will be confined to your cell, there may be enough light to read or write letters. Then again, most inmates welcome lights out, and try to get as much sleep as they can. If you have spent any time in Cowlitz County Corrections Department, your experiences would be welcomed, if it can help another person to deal with it. When incarcerated, all inmates are expected to wear the Cowlitz County Corrections Department uniform.

This is normally a jumpsuit or scrubs. Of note to anyone visiting an inmate — you must be properly dressed. Any clothing considered inappropriate will not be permitted. This money is used to purchase items from the Commissary. Family and friends can deposit money into this account for you, and any money you earn while in prison will also be deposited into your account. Outside money can be paid in to your account via a money order, cash or check. If someone sends a check or money order, make sure that they write your inmate ID on it. The procedure to send money to someone in jail at Cowlitz County Corrections Department is always changing, so we suggest that you visit the official website before you send funds to an inmate there.

The commissary is the jail store. You can purchase a number of things here, such as toiletries, snacks and writing supplies. Bear in mind that you will probably want to use the commissary daily, and any infractions will get that privilege taken away from you. If you are on any type of prescription medication, you will be allowed to continue taking it while in jail.

When you are first processed, you will be asked what medication you take. You will then be referred to the jail nurse or doctor who will be in charge of monitoring your health and prescribing your medication. You will get three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. As expected, they are very basic, but healthy.

A typical breakfast might be cereal, toast, coffee and fruit. Lunch might be spaghetti, salad, bread and milk. Dinner could be chicken casserole, rice, vegetables, dessert and milk. Each pod has a central control station and a common room, and the inmates take turns in using the yard. The jail is designed this way to keep certain inmates together, and others away from the general population.